Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Marketing

Outsourcing marketing can be great for small businesses to improve efficiencies and gain more customers. But that doesn’t mean outsourcing marketing is without its own disadvantages. Outsourcing may not work in every situation, so business must consider the advantages and disadvantages before contracting-out marketing.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Outsourcing Marketing

Benefits Disadvantages
You Get More Expertise You Lose Some Control
Things Get Done Fast There are Hidden Costs
You Can Focus on Your Business There are Security Risks
You Can Share Some Risk You Reduce Quality Control
You Can Reduce Costs You Share Financial Burdens
You Can Work Around the Clock You Risk Public Backlash
You Can Simplify Project Management You Shift Time Frames
You Simplify Work Relationships You Can Lose Your Focus
Marketing is More Targeted Things Get Lost in Translation
You Get Peace of Mind You May Face Moral Dilemmas

The fact remains that outsourcing’s not always a good idea.

With that said, many business owners find hiring someone in-house is way more of a hassle and cost than it’s worth.

It is best to determine if you what parts of your marketing, if any, do you outsource need to outsource.

Or if you’re simply too busy to focus on your marketing at all, then hire a consultant to develop a strategy, work out what you need, and go from there.

LET ME KNOW: What parts of your marketing are you outsourcing? Are you happy with your outsourced marketing? Why or why not?