Ethical Link Building Tactics

Any SEO professional can tell you that link building is one of the most difficult aspects of SEO. Well, maybe I should say *earning* links is incredibly hard.

Buying links, however, is easier now than it ever has been. However, buying backlinks can be extremely risky. So you have to learn how to build links the right way (without Fiverr, Blackhatworld or PBN’s) to mitigate that risk.

Thinking long-term in SEO world is of extreme importance and this post shares some insights into how we get top quality links at my SEO agency.

Techniques for Getting Quality Links

Guest Blogging

All the way back in 2014, Matt Cutts (Head Of Google’s Web Spam Team at the time) announced that “guest blogging is done”, but this strategy still remains effective to this day.

“Guest blogging is done”

Matt Cutts, Head Of Web Spam, Google, 2014

Namely, Google continues to penalise websites with links from blogs that only exist to make money by linking to other sites.

This just means that your job is to find top quality ones. Here’s a good reference for noobies. When you do find quality sites, you have to know how to make those influential bloggers interested in the work you want to publish.

Here’s how:

1. Content

You start by creating only high quality content. Make sure that that the topic is relevant, informative and helpful to your readers. Remember that a backlink is not the main purpose of guest blogging – it’s the content itself. Bloggers trust you will create a quality piece of writing, so do not be the one to take the blog down with spammy posts by building numerous backlinks to your site. Only when subject and the context require it, you are allowed link to some of your previous work.

2. Contact

Once you select potential bloggers, you have to know how to write an e-mail that will evoke positive reaction from them. First you have to realise that it is about them and not you. You have to personalise your e-mail, show that you know who they are, who you are talking to, and that you made an effort to get to know them and their work.

Creating Infographics

Lately, posts with infographics proved to get more traffic than regular text posts.

This is mainly because they are an efficient way to present complex information in a way that is easy for the audience to digest. Therefore, creating a great infographic can contribute to engaging more readers with relevant information.

Additionally, infographic distribution can be completely organic in comparison to other link building strategies, especially if it presents the findings of a fresh industry research. The same goes for videos and other forms of visual content that are gaining more traction in the world of online marketing.

Thanks to social media and pages like Pinterest and Instagram, people nowdays respond better to visual information. Even though infographics are not as popular as they used to be, they are still a great strategy to apply if you want to see some long-term goals. They make it easy to promote your brand, and although you might get less links, it will bring more visitors and followers.

Brand Mentions

Brand mentions can take a lot of your time and effort, but they have proved to be among some of the best link building techniques.

One of the positive sides is that backlinks come naturally: as your brand grows, so does their number.

And to get your name out there and attract these organic links you can try:

  • Blogging, as it can bring many visitors interested in your expert opinion – just make sure you provide them with informative content, and soon you will notice greater number of people linking to it;
  • Twitter, because great tweets will give you more followers that eventually lead to higher ranking;
  • LinkedIn is another great way to promote your brand, but you have to make your profile visible to wider audience, and promote it by linking it directly to sites that will find it relevant;
  • Free Swag is another way to get exposure. I’ve seen brands send pens, stress balls, air fresheners, t-shirts etc to get the word out and even earn backlinks
  • Online videos and presentations of the conferences or seminars you have spoken, as they show viewers that you are a respected speaker.

The common trait between all 4 of those methods is that they rely on a human connection. People often talk about “scaling” link building – but personally I’ve had much more success when I’ve taken the time to develop a personal connection in the process.

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Over the years many link building techniques have been penalised, but if you stick to these ethical and free link building strategies you’ll find there are still ways to build quality links without breaking any rules.


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